Catchup Log

More adventure than you can shake a cogsaw at.

The party bustled into what looked like an operating room, covered in blood, mechanical parts, and the occasional severed limb. It quickly became obvious that the room was the room where people’s limbs were getting swapped for mechanical ones. In the room, a group of mechanically augmented people were working on some new augmentations and saw the party. The party convinced the augmented soldiers to not attack on sight and to go get their boss, Dr. Kraig Von Shturm, who showed up in a heavily armed mechanical battle suit and yelled at his lieutenants for their incompetence. He explained to the party that he was the original inventor of the augmentation technique, and that he was augmenting people so that they would be able to fight against the Lords of the city during a revolution he was planning. He was mortified that the Lord of Mechanika would use his technique for the cog husks that they use as soldiers, and he was hellbent on overthrowing the Lords. He claimed to have found an underground tunnel leading to the hideout of the Lords and was about two weeks away from finishing his plan. The party agreed to check out this tunnel he spoke of. They walked with Dr. Shturm into the tunnel, and when he was out of earshot of his soldiers, attacked him. Unfortunately, inactive automatons burst from the ground and also started attacking the party, but the party defeated both them and Dr. Shturm.
The party returned to the inn where they met the Neighborhood Watch, received their reward money, and got a tip that there was some trouble brewing at the docks. They headed over to find a commandeered Sapphiran steam freighter firing cannons into the docks as well as a pitched battle between the city’s cog husks and a group of raiders from a gang known as the Forgotten. The party found the harbormaster and found out that no dockworkers showed up to work today all of a sudden. The party convinced he harbormaster to go find his contacts at the Neighborhood Watch (about whom he initially denied knowing). The party fought off the raiders and met up with a group of Neighborhood Watchmen who offered their help in boarding and taking over the ship.


BrandonPaulJones BrandonPaulJones

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